BeWest Berlin
Brochure & Branding

Brand Identity
Editorial Design
Art Direction

Brochure and brand identity for BeWest Berlin, a real estate project on the West side of Berlin.

36 pages printed on coated paper, perfect bound. The visual design aims to create a stunning, original, and appealing marketing material that attracts the international investment audience.

The concept of the branding is based on an evocative name for the mark that connects the letters B and W and is pointing West.

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Fonts in use ︎

The editorial design is based on a grid system by Karl Gerstner that allows for very flexible layouts combinations. The fonts in use are Fedra Sans Pro for the heading and Lato for the body copy, both defined by their informal elegance.

The rigidity and strength of Fedra Sans give character to the composition while Lato adds to these qualities its strong structure and stability, which is perfect for the body text.

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