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Decentriq Brand and Web Design

Decentriq's Swiss Edge is more than a makeover; it's a declaration of a bold, dynamic future, where every pixel tells a story of innovation, resilience, and the unmistakable precision of Swiss excellence.

The Challenge? To reaffirm its identity, Decentriq partnered with OCIO, embarking on a quest to reconnect with its Swiss essence while embracing the unfolding future.

The Solution? Decentriq has not just refreshed its brand and website; it's injected a whole new energy into the tech atmosphere.

The result? A rejuvenated identity, pulsating with sci-fi photographic touches that echo Decentriq's clarity and leadership. Picture precision, vibrance, and surprise, all brought to life with a distinctive palette of teal and red. At the heart of this transformation lies a vibrant photographic style that captures the essence of Decentriq's evolution.

Client: Decentriq AG
Credits: Felix Means (Webflow Frontend Development)

Decentriq - dq technologies AG

Design Made in Germany
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