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EichenCredit is a service based in Berlin, Germany, helping foreign private investors to find a suitable finance partner for their German property purchases. Together with the brand identity, we design their product of online credit platform.

The general concept of the identity is based on the geometrical abstraction of the letter “E” and “C” conveyed into the symbolism of a coin-filled into a money box.

Therefore, the brand’s image focuses on essential forms and on sensitive use of colour. The indigo is a dominant visual element to address trust and to introduce the users into the world of a tech company. The result is direct and audacious, connecting geometric abstraction and bold colour.

Product Design
Registration Process:

One of the challenges was to redefine the registration process for the user. After user testing, we transformed the complex registration experience into an easy and intuitive procedure.

Together with the client, we have defined steps to make the application system for a loan as simple as possible. The solution was a one to one question process instead of long and busy forms, previously used.

The Interface:

After the registration process is complete, the customer can access the product platform, where he is able to manage the credit and related property.

A strong yet sophisticated colour palette, was defined to enrich the communication with vibrant tones in the online applications.
We have worked closely with the client to create an effective design and simple experience for the user.

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