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EichenCredit is a service based in Berlin, Germany, helping foreign private investors to find a suitable finance partner for their German property purchases. The strong identity intends to create a trust in high-quality digital service, setting a new standard in the mortgage loan industry.

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Graphic element
The general concept of the identity is based on the geometrical abstraction of the letter “E” and “C” conveyed into the symbolism of a coin-filled into a money box.

Therefore, the brand’s image focuses on essential forms and on sensitive use of colour. The indigo is a dominant visual element to address trust and to introduce the users into the world of a tech company. The result is direct and audacious, connecting geometric abstraction and bold colour.

Web Design
In addition to the new brand identity, we have developed a visual language for the company website, later on, applied to the design of the digital product. A strong yet sophisticated colour palette was defined to enrich the communication with vibrant tones in online applications.