Our design process is based on uncovering meaning and purpose. 

Before we start designing, we help to define the right positioning of your brand. We help you to create a strong strategic foundation, which is an essential part of the design process.



We conduct a project specific workshop with all stakeholders involved in the process. We get to know you, your product, your customers and gain a full understanding of  the project. This helps us to save time and money by avoiding miscommunication and countless revisions on the steps to follow.

︎ Understand the business
︎ Understand the brand
︎ Understand the user
︎ Define the goal


We help you to define clear vision. Brands are more effective when they know who they are.  We develop a right strategy to bring your product and services successfully on the market.

︎ Plan the product or service
︎ Plan the brand experience
︎ Plan the user experience
︎ Define the brief


Time to get serious. After the strategy had been approved we translate the strong vision for the brand look and feel to a complete visual system. We design a clear and engaging brand identity.

︎ Design direction
︎ Generate ideas
︎ Design the product or service
︎ Prototyping and testing


We test and deliver the design outcomes that work. We ensure the proper implementation. To do this we create brand style guides and design templates and monitor the technical implementation.

︎ Brand style guide 
︎ Monitor production and implementation
OCIO is a brand design studio. We believe in creating meaningful brands.
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